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11-01-2011, 09:42 AM
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i was using streams for a very long time and i finally decided to get gamecenter live because i heard of the great improvements. Honestly, it is well worth the $20 a month, as a hockey fan it's pretty amazing. You get 3000kbps streaming which is pretty much HD. I just got a $300 laptop with hdmi output, put 8gb ram and use that to watch the game on my 32" 720 tv and it looks AWESOME, you can actually see the puck and don't have to guess based on which way the players are facing. You get home and away coverage, so you always get home game announcers, and you can switch over to away when your team is crushing them to hear their sad announcers (great fun). You get freaking DVR, so you can rewind at anytime. It tells you when there are goals and big shots/saves in the timeline so you know exactly when stuff happened and can easily go to that time. And the best thing about it, no freaking commercials. What i do, is pause the live game once the stream starts, get up and do a few things like make a drink or get food/snacks, kill 10-15 minutes and come back and watch. This builds time that i can fast forward and cut out the commercial breaks. Only downside to this is sometimes, if you are not in fullscreen, you can see the score to the game. But i do it to cut out the commercial breaks.

So i love it, it's worth $20 a month no-brainer. Only downside is the will not stream national games and you can't stream your local team, so i live in the DC area and can't watch ANY washington capitals games, which is a disappointment. Also in-between periods it's dead air, you don't get the in-between banter and highlights, which i don't really care about.

I will use streams on national broadcasts and if the flyers play the caps, in which i'd be ****ed since i don't have cable tv, but thank gawd for streams as backup.

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