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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
Apparently all you got to do to be an NHL coach is to lose your mind on the bench.

Blowing up like that does nothing to change the call, absolutely nothing. Have you ever seen a coach screaming and generally losing his cool change a ref's mind? In any sport?

Yes it shows intensity, but it shows misplaced intensity. While Weight was screaming at the ref, Cappy was tapping Nielsen telling him to go out on the ice. I hate speculating too far out bounds but that shows that his mind has already moved on, which is the best thing you can do at that point. You can't change the call, but you can kill off the penalty.
Not only can Doug Weight be a coach, but he will be. Like another poster said, after he's served his apprenticeship.

As far as having the fire after the bad call in overtime, I loved it, and it's absolutely necessary. He's not expecting an official to change his mind, but that particular official won't forget him, and for all the right reasons. I'll bet it's along time before any of that officiating team blows that call again, especially on Coliseum ice. The idea is not to try to change a mind, it's to make a case, and to let an official know that blowing a call is unacceptable, and now that whole team knows. It's not for instant gratification, it's for down the road. Would you rather that the coaching staff just rolled over and died? Is that the kind of passion you're looking for?

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