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11-01-2011, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Oh, I'm ready to make an exception of assistant coaches. But the fact remains: look at every single head coach we had in recent years. Vigneault, Therrien, Julien, Carbonneau were all heavily criticized prior to their departure (I'm not counting Gainey, although his situation isn't especially different). Interestingly enough, three of these fours ended up coaching great teams (Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Boston). Carbonneau is the only exception (he never got another gig) but I'm not sure if would fall last in a poll to bring any of these four back.

My underlying point is: how fans evaluate the work of management, and how good these peoples are actually are, has little to do with one another. There are clear exception - Milbury sucked universally - but they are far from the norm.

People piling up on JM doesn't mean anything. And when he'll get fired, it won't be a vindication of the haters, but just because coaches are hired to get fired latter, almost everywhere.
Not disagreeing with you. But you said that people would hate Ladouceur who is an assistant coach. Not a lot of people had something against Laperrière at the time. Maybe towards the end when they thought he was too conservative.

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