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Originally Posted by thephillyflu View Post
Rundblad's defensive play was underrated in Sweden. Some turn-overs here and there (what offesnive minded defenseman won't produce turnovers?) gave him a reputation for being bad in defense. Especially when he made a really bad turnover at a critical moment in a WJC game, since then he had a reputation that he couldn't wipe away.

Rundblad played serious defensive minutes in Skellefteċ, and I'm talking serious minutes. PK, 5vs5 when ahead, last 30 seconds when up by one goal, 3 against 5, everything. Played every PK.

He's not great defensively, but for an offensive minded defenseman, he ain't that bad actually. I don't think it's fair either to compare to stay at home defensemen, since they don't have to try to create, create, create all the time like Rundblad does. Of course then he's going to have some giveaways, and of course he's sometimes going to lose some struggles along the boards since he goes into a lot of them with offense and outlet pass in mind.

I'd say he's better than Karlsson defensively.
I don't think his defensive play was underrated, I admit that I didnt see a great number of games with him last year but those I saw it was pretty troublesome to see him loose out in 1 on 1 situations all the time and generally out of position. Maybe he had a feeling that he could ignore defense cause he was so good going forward.

Glad to hear that it's gotten better cause I really thought NA fans would kill him if he kept playing like that.

I think its really interesting that Sweden is producing defenseman like Karlsson and Rundblad that is so focused on only offense. Usually swedes in all sports is learned to be very good at all parts of the game, not great in one.

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