Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Nyquist called up.
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11-01-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Heaton View Post
From what they've said, sitting Cleary will do no good as his injury will heal at the same rate whether he's playing or not.

But sitting Hudler is a necessity at this point, he's been the worst forward over the past 5 games.
Has Hudler really been that bad?

I haven't been watching the last few games very closely because the team just hasn't looked like the Red Wings, so I lose interest pretty quickly. But when I was watching Hudler didn't seem especially terrible, even from the perspective of this certified Hudler detractor. Bertuzzi, Cleary and Zetterberg (in that order) have been way more disappointing, but maybe that's because I don't expect anything from Hudler anymore.

I'm going to the game tonight so I'll be looking at the team under a microscope. Hopefully Nyquist helps them break out of this funk.


Originally Posted by Heaton View Post
Hudler has played worse than Cleary has in the past 5 games, he has 1 shot(?). I'm not hiding the fact that Cleary has been terrible, but Hudler has been worse. The first 4 games are irrelevant at this point.
woah, whoa, whoa...

1 shot in 5 games? Never mind answering my question, that's pathetic. I don't care what his TOI was or who his line-mates were, he's on this team to make plays and score goals. He needs to go asap...bag of pucks, I don't give ****.

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