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11-01-2011, 01:33 PM
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Regarding the top ten!
I still believe this is a very bias writers poll that really doesn't reflect the strength of a team or teams!
Alberta splits with a top 5 team arguable outplays them ( although that Steve Knowles is still adding shots for the average bears in between periods?) has an above 500 record and no move in!
Manitoba doesn't play and moves down?? arguably the best team in CW!
Acadia has a 500 record they are in?? Above teams who again have better records??
Moncton moves to 6 from somewhere...was there a 6 car pile up in turn 2?
Come on you old farts! perception should seep into your dark basements once in a while!
Think about giving the top ten some credibility boys rather than satisfying your need to see your boys near the top???

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