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11-01-2011, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Turnpike Terrors View Post
It's funny that opening this thread I knew there would be atleast 2 posts about the typo

I think this team has yet to find it's groove and is still a work in progress. It's still very early in the season and they have shown at times some flashes of being a solid team they just need to put it all together or it will result in the same old Isles.

There really should be two basic threads because it seems lately 80% of new threads can fall in these categories:

The this team sucks thread: waive everyone; trade everyone; fire Snow
The this team is could make the playoffs thread: Be patient; It's still early
Well that's just it...the Islanders have either showed up for the game and played hard (in which case they look like a playoff team), or they look like they are asleep and just standing around (in which case people feel like getting rid of half the team).

So, until we have any consistency, I expect these 2 types of threads to keep popping up.

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