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11-01-2011, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Ribban, so Hjalmarsson and Murray makes your team ahead of Hedman and Kronwall?

No matter what Biffen said we got a bit of a log-jam on the blueline for sure, and its definitely hard to pick 6 guys.

Edler sure, ahead of A Larsson. I looked a bit into the future on that one. But Tallinder gotta be in the top 6 too. If Öhlund is left out, we are really weak infront of the net without Tallinder.
Crazy as it may sound, but I don't see it being a matter of competition among them.
Murray and Hjalmar stays at home for me, Hedman and Kronwall not so much.
In other words, Kronwall and Hedman is in competition for spots with Erik Karlsson and Tallinder, and from what I've seen so far, I'll take Erik Karlsson over Hedman any day of the week, and I prefer Tallinder over Kronwall, for the reasons I posted before.

Murray is a rock back on D (one that make the opponents hesitate). He sees the ice and is already in position before the plays are ever made. Very intelligent player, and a pillar on the PP. People don't give him enough credit for his offense, but he consistently makes sound and patient choices with or without the puck. Can you imagine him backing up the Sedins with his little chips down and around the boards to start the cycle everytime the puck comes sliding out.

Edler might be the best all-around D-man we have right now (yes, I said it) and can drop the hammer like nobody else on the PP.

Hjalmarsson makes very few mistakes, if any, and you can pair him up with anybody, as he reads the game so well, and has so much skill to go with his brains that he solves almost anything thrown at him.

Enström is like Hjalmarsson but a tad bit smaller.

Tallinder has wheels like a fwd and eyes in his damn neck. There are times when I wish he'd let go of the puck a tad bit sooner, but then again, he rarely commits any bad turnovers, and I don't recall last time I saw him get overplayed.

Erik Karlsson (almost forgot) is the next GREAT defenseman we'll have in the NHL. I know there are some young pups that'll give him a run for his money on that, and we may have more than one guy who'll be great, but for now, Karlsson is rising.

Who of these gents should take a backseat to Hedman or Kronwall, I don't know, and for a #7D, I want a tight and seasoned DD, not another skilled OD, like Hedman.

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