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11-01-2011, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Tundraman View Post
I was upset about the non action but after reading and listening to various comments it's finally clear where the real problem lies:

They were discussing this on radio again and it's pretty clear from comments made that Shanahan just does what he is told. They basically said that he was ordered to back off. Since it's pretty clear who pulls the strings it should be obvious that it's Shanahan's boss who makes the final decision on discipline. No one seems to know what is right or wrong anymore and that's classic Bettman modus operandi.

It makes it easier to understand the confusing decisions if when Shanahan speaks you picture a ventriloquist's dummy with a hand up his butt. Look closely and you might see Bettman's lips move when the prop talks.

Hopefully one day Shanahan will fess up and blow the lid off the whole farce before someone else in that office does it for him. Right now he's the patsy for ridicule while Bettman goes unscathed.
And just who might these people who know that Shanahan was told to back be?

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