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11-09-2005, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by LongDrive

Thanks for your guidance and generous offer. I do need the whole kit though... I think my budget will be around 700-750. Ideally a little less. It would be more, but I have to pay quite a bit to ship this back to Australia. My largest concern are getting a pair of skates that will last for about two years, or at least getting fitted with a manufacturer that I can guarantee a similar fit if i order online for a second pair. Otherwise I am not too concerned with getting things top of the line until the new rink is up in around 2007. My final dream request would be to get one of those bags that are like backpacks for my gear, because I will be riding my motorcycle to the rink, something that can balance on me and the bike is a bonus.

All that being said, are there any key manufacturers/models i should be looking at, across the board? As I mentioned, Its been a long while since I last went shopping for gear. Last thing I bought was some micron m90's about 10 years ago! One look at and I couldnt beleive the choice available! Even the slightest bit of guidance would mean a great deal!

Thanks again!

$700 is a easy budget to fit under.

$400 for skates, $80 for helmets. $50 for gloves, $35 for elbow pads, $40 for shin pads, $50 for shoulder pads, $50 for pants.

those are all mid-priced items except skates (top of the line) and helmets (top of the line) (i paid like 35 bucks for gloves.. 30 bucks for elbow pads.. 25 for shin pads. 35 bucks for shoulder pads and like 20 bucks for pants)

personally i have a really good helmet and skates and the rest of the stuff are just lowest quality possible

assuming you don't need jerseys.. sticks... socks.. tapes and wax. etc.

ps. buy plenty of tapes in canada. much cheaper there.

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