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11-02-2011, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
Again a non-story, nothing but speculation. What the article says is: IF Zuccarello chooses to go back to Sweden there are several clubs interested.
Why wouldnt they be?

This tread is posted as a rumor, when in fact is all spectulation and tabloid BS.
Mats himself has gone on record saying several times that he is determined to play in the NHL, and he knows better than anyone that the way to achive his goal of NHL play is through playing as hard as he can in the Whale until A) he gets called up B) he gets traded to a different team who will give him top 6 minutes C) his contract with NYR is up and he can sign a one way contract with a different team
Well, I believe thereīs something to it. There wouldīt be so much writing about him in swedish newspapers if there was nothing to it. His agent Ryman also confirms that Mats is not comfortable playing the whole season in AHL, and that they are talking to the Rangers a lot about his situation.

The biggest problem for Zuke returning to Sweden, is that he then breaks his contract, and will owe Rangers another year on entry level. So if he goes back to Sweden, plays real good, maybe even becomes the MVP again, no other NHL teams than Rangers can pick him up.... and he we will see the same picture. He will problably get a couple games with 4-5 mins, and then back to Hartford...

Thatīs why I think he will do everything he can to stay in the states, maybe even play a full season in Hartford an fullfill his contract. If no NHL teams are interested then, he can return to Sweden as a RFA, sign with a swedish club with an NHL-clause. His chances of playing for a new NHL-club after a couple years will then be lot greater.

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