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11-02-2011, 08:45 AM
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I think Foyle just Said he Had Acadia out of the Top 10, and Alberta in the Top 10 (that was one complaint you had wasn't it?)

Yea its weird to see Manitoba move down from being inactive, but Saskatchewan took over with a Better Record. Don't forget the week Before Manitoba moved from #3 to # 2 despite splitting with the weakest team in the Canada West Regina, including a 6-1 drubbing, so I think the voters were a little generous to them that week.

To say Moncton at this point doesn't deserve to move up to 6th Ranked Nationaly with with a 5-1 record in the AUS is silly, what makes Saskachewan 5-1, Manitoba 4-1-1 seserving to be higher ranked than Moncton right now?

The point is like someone said the bottom line is realisticly the rankings mean nothing, their is 17 voters from different areas of the Country voting, i guarenteee, some take it very seriously and love CIS Hockey and look very deep into the stats and matchups, while some probably don't give a sh@t and couldnt name who went to the University Cup Tournament last year.

Bottom line is if you wanna win the championchip, you have to beat the opponents you are giving to win your conference, or earn the Wild Card Out there. And at the University Cup you have a chance to prove if you are a winner or not, if someone still wants to complain at the CIS Championchip, that their ranking is unfair and they play tough opponents at the Championchip because of it, that wouldnt make much sence would it, to win you have to be the last team standing, if you can't beat a team than you probably shouldnt win the Title should you? Beat the best to be the best, who cares if your #1, # 2 # 6 or # 15 each team controls their own destiny

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