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11-02-2011, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Thinking outside the box is taking a flyer on a player like Diaz, or letting go of a high value RFA to get 'over'compensation (Kessel), or trading the goalie who took you to the conference final (Halak).

Trading a star player, or trading a prospect for one, are actions born out of different necessities and are a common occurences and it's just laughable that someone would consider that thinking outside the box.

Thank you for, again and as always, putting words into my mouth in lieu of anything of actual substance.
Dude, those moves that you argued against would've made us a better team by now. For some reason though, you continue to cling to the idea that our mediocre free agents will lead us somewhere.

That is the conventional way of doing things. This is the method that the Leafs used for years and it got them nowhere. It would be one thing if we managed to get star players via free agency but that hasn't been the case.

We would've been better off years ago if we'd traded away our core. And we'd probably be better off in the future if we did the same thing now. But, instead of doing this we stubbornly cling to the lottery slogan of "anyone can play, anyone can win" once we reach the playoffs.

Maybe it will happen. Maybe Price can lead us to glory. He's certainly good enough to lead a team to a cup. But we should work towards getting a team that has a better chance of doing something and can be an annual contender. And if dealing away Cammy nets us a great prospect that we can build around we should definitely do it.

You talked about how we shouldn't do this years ago. You were wrong then and I suspect you're probably wrong now. And unfortunately, I don't see any indications that we're going to do anything differently in the future so all we can do is hope that Price (our only top 5 in 25 years) can lead us somewhere because Lord knows that without him we have no chance at all.

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