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11-09-2005, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by pck21
I've sold these shafts for a few years now and I've heard and seen that they are like twigs and break all the time.

I think you should definately go with a much stiffer flex, even some wood sticks can have a pretty stiff edge to them. However you have to realize that with time wood sticks will get chipped and water may get into the stick, causing it to dry out. This may also lead to breaking. If I were you, I would head on down to your local pro shop, flex a two piece (shaft+blade combo) and one piece (all graphite) sticks and see which one you like.

On Easton sticks the flex is anywhere from 85-110 in adult. 85 being more whippy than a 110.

CCM sticks will say either whip, stiff, or regular.

Louisvilles will be the same as CCM.

Bauer sticks range from 87-112 in adult. Nothing different from the Easton basically.

Other than that try it out, grab one of your buddie's sticks during warm ups and test it out to see if you like it.

Good Luck! Hope this helps.
The Tri-Cores? I've had a number of them, for shafts, they are up there for the best durability along with the Mission Dangler and old Ultra-Lites. I used the older model for the Tri-Cores, so I haven't tried the aspen core.

CCM flexes are now measured in KP. This is from a rep at CCM

50KP/X-stiff = roughly 125 pro flex
45KP/Stiff = roughly 110
40KP/Regular = roughly 100
35KP/Mid = roughly 85
30KP/Light = even softer flex
20KP/Junior = junior flex

TPS are similar, but a bit different

I'd take about "5" off (from an Easton scale) for each one. The Whip and Regular are definately "Whippier" than their RBK/CCM counterparts.

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