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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Ok Ribban, I respect your opinion. Thats some interesting insight of some of the D's in the west that I don't see a ton of. I see these guys a little diffrently.

On Murray, natrually I really like him. But I definitely think that he is pretty immobile. If we were talking about picking a team for 82+ games, Id think he was more interesting for a top 6 spot -- but in best of 1 games I just think he brings too little defensively to warrent a spot (like when he gets behind he gets behind by alot for sure).

On Hjalmarsson, I just don't think he has a high enough skill-level to compete with someone like Enström. I definitely don't think he is like Enström while being better defensively.

On Enström, I think he is fantastic with the puck and IMO he is solidly establishing himself as a very good nr 1 D in the NHL. I hesitation I would have as regard him on a WC team is that he is a player who needs a solid amount of ice time to play his game.

On Tallinder, I definitely think that he can fill a defensive role. His size and reach is very valuble, he moves well. I am not a big fan of him, but undoubtedly is a good player who is very valuble to have if for example a team like Canada throws out 3 forwarsd on the ice 6'2 and bigger.

On Hedman, like with Tallinder, his size is also valuble. He is rough around the edges still, but improving fast and in 12 months -- I think he beats out the competition clearly.

On Edler, I agree with to some extent. I would change my top 6 and put him in it for sure. But, I do not think that he is like that good (our best D). You need to be very careful when you compare a D who plays on a great team with a D who plays in a less stabile environemnt. Very very careful. I am a Ranger fan, and I can guarantee you that if Edler played for the Rangers like nobody would have him in the top 6 (which probably would be unfair). And its basically the same for Hedman in Tamapa, at team that also looses alot if pucks in the wrong areas of the ice.
The respect is mutual, and truly enjoy balling with you back and forth! I am certainly not an NHL coach, nor am I in line to land a job in the league... not that I know of anyway , so I don't expect anybody to take what I say without a fistful of salt.

You did crack me up though, as I also keep an extra eye on the Rangers in the east... the hopeless Rangers, who I year in and year out want and wish for to have a great season. This year, the Ranger D is... uhm... really providing us with an exciting opportunity to improve! *see what I did there* ... and a guy like Edler would go right in as #1 and probably provide more of a lift than people think, as he plays physically when needed, knows how to hit his wing with a first pass, has good speed, possesses a well known bomb from the blue line to stretch the opponents' D, and reads off and exploits any forward falling asleep on him.

The Canucks aren't making him great, but rather it is him, Bieksa (these days) and Salo (every other day... when healthy), who provide the space for the Twins & Burrow (who aren't very good in their own zone) to do what they do. The same is true for Canucks 3rd and 4th line, which are basically energy players all the way through. The Canucks much talked about offensive punch really starts and depends on their D, which is why they hurt so bad in the play-offs when one or two off the guys in the back go down.

I do want to give Enström more credit as well. He is the sole reason to why they can have the big DB on D. The DB goes off in all directions at any time with the puck, and it is frequently Enström who has to save the day, when the DB turns the puck over. Lots of work in the shadows that aren't recorded on the stat sheets.

Same with Hjalmarsson really. The kids are running wild, and they certainly create a fair share of highlight moments, but they also fail just as often if not more, and then it falls on the D core to fend off the rushes or cover for some kid that took a chance and left the zone early. I would love to see, what the L.A. Lakers used to refer to as the junk stats (created by Pat Riley during the Showtime era to show how many times a player dove on the floor for a loose ball, boxed out for a rebound, got a hand in someones face, etc.), to see how many times Seabrook and Hjalmarsson has to break up odd man rushes or defend a triangle by themselves in a corner because the wing is out of position or not committed to his defensive assignment (yes, I'm a total nerd when it comes to these things - a product of my love for Am. Football and Basketball).

We are in complete agreement that Murray is not a speed demon. There are moments, usually after blowing the froth off a couple of cool ones, that I envision even myself being able to beat Murray up and down the ice although I know that is taking things a little too far.

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