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11-02-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
you contradicted yourself actually. you ARE saying it's wrong by stating that it was stupid and classless!

When they first told him about Thorton's comments after the game, wonderful was his initial response, because he was boiling inside...
After a day to think about it, Thorton's statement deserved a response that was more fitting by a coach who's team was insulted by
a high profile star captain in the sport.

Tortorella is a man of honor. when you go outside the honor code, "all bets are off". I love it when people want to "chain you to ethics' while they proceed to abide by their own rules.

Thorton is a notorious crybaby and showed poor sportsmanship by going to the media with a comment like that. Tortorella merely reminded him that went outside the realm of acceptability.
No contradiction whatsoever. I already stated Im not concerned with right or wrong here, and I'll freely admit that both statements were dumb and classless.

If anything is a contradicition here its saying "Tortorella is a man or honor.....unless hes prompted to not be one"

Its a problem that I've had with Torts since he's gotten here. I expect a head coach in the national hockey league to be above the fray when it comes to this kind of petty stuff - to handle himself like a professional and not a fan.

I understand why fans eat this kind of **** up - because its exactly what they'd want to say to Thornton. Just my personal opinion that a coach shouldnt be subjecting himself to that type of stuff.

The fact that he slept on it and decided to unleash those comments on Thornton the following day makes it even more strange.

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