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11-02-2011, 01:44 PM
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Tremblay, Bertrand Raymond, all these people lived in an era where they were Gods of information. That's all we had back in the days, and in some ways, they were manipulating the public's opinion by writing their articles the way they wanted.

Now however, with blogs, twitter, and all the various boards and online media the fans express themselves and are read, and like someone said in this thread, our opinions are often as valid and even more informed than these "journalists".

I always thought that these journalists needed to be put in their place and now it's happening. And even though I was not a fan of Mario Tremblay's coaching here in Montreal, I was behind him 100% when he counterattacked the medias, especially Rejean Tremblay.

I am also 100% behind the facts that the journalists hurt the Habs a LOT in the past 20 years, with sensationalism ********, rumours, etc, which, in the end, gives reasons and motives for UFA NOT to sign here (Daniel Briere anyone?).

So I'm behind Gauthier on this. And comparing the CH to the Nazis is an insult that just show how much Tremblay thinks he can say anything.

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