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11-02-2011, 05:47 PM
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I hate Tremblay with a passion. But not being able to talk to Ladouceur about what he'd want to implement and all is stupid. Just like not being able to talk to Timmins on draft day and let Gauthier do it, Gauthier who has no idea who those players are. And from the few times we hear Gauthier, let just say that we could get rid of the biggest press conference of the year which is the post-season report. Based on the fact that you never hear anything and Gauthier makes sure to do it the day after being eliminated so that the only thing they could see is....."We don't know yet, evaluations needs to come, if there's something we'll let you know".

Having said all of that SOME medias do only have themselves to blame. But my point is that if you don't want to give anything to Tremblay, well don't. And give it to the ones who does a respectful job. I don't know but did Ladouceur talked to McGuire and Dubé on the radio? Here's an example of what they could have done. Just choose to inform your fans at your TV and Radio partners.

But Tremblay is stupid and all those comparisons should be enough to ban him for everything. The organization doesn't talk. If there would be propaganda, they'd only talk when it's good.....but they don't talk.....Just retire already....

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