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11-02-2011, 07:15 PM
F.A.R.T on Mike Todd
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SEGMENT 1: the 2-9-1 edition

Torgerson: Nice win against the ducks. Most complete 3 periods of hockey this year?

Arniel: Without a doubt that was our best. We didnt allow Anaheim to get into how they play. Did a lot of good on offense and defense.

T: You believe in hardcore hockey. Hard to get consistency from team with that style?

A: That's something that starts in practice. Then carries over into games. Since Dallas, I thought our work ethic has been pretty good. I really like the way we've been competing. Hopefully players realize this is how we have to win. Whether it's getting our noses dirty or doing right thing with the puck at right times, that's what we have to do.

T: Nash said team has to outwork teams to win. Agree with him?

A: Yeah, some teams like the Canucks and Chicago can play uptempo game. Having people out of the line up, we need to recognize that we have to be nasty to play against. A team that is going night in and night out. The fights last game started because we agitated and battled hard. Not because we were looking for fights. Glad Rick stepped up and said that and I think the other guys believe in him and did the same.

A: Talk about Bass and the physical element he brings.

T: he had a good camp. Played good with and without puck. Is a great skater and great hitter. Last night had a perfectly clean hit on Sbisa. Ignited the team. A fight with Getzlaf was the perfect trade-off for us.

T: Haven't seen a questionable check from Bass yet. When you coach, do y

A: Some of the best hitters can do it from all angles and areas. They don't stop skating. Keep moving your hit, and go right through the hit. Can't slow down right before the hit. Can't glide for last 4 hit. Jared Boll is really good at that. Bass, Dorsett as well. Chris Neal is one of those guys. Clutterbuck as well. Guys people have to be aware of whenever they are on the ice.

T: Tell us about Johansen staying with the team.

A: It kind of played itself out. It wasn't by design, but it worked out that we had a lot of time to make the decision. Looked at a lot of things. Evaluating him every day. Talked to his teammates, talked to him. At the end of the day, just felt like he was a better player here and would make us here. Doesn't mean he will be here all year. Seems a lot more comfortable since moving to wing. Maybe center was a little too much for him at this point.

T: Will you feel fine scratching him when needed or does he have to play every game?

A: No. Won't be scratching him just because hes young. We have to experiment with him right now. Move him up and down when needed. See if he can play with Sammy, etc.

T: Johan looks like he belongs in this league. First 5 games looked out of place. What happened? His emergence seems to go in-hand with the rest of the team.

A: When we moved him to wing it started to work. He didn't have to worry about defending, position as much. It's a hard position to play in this day's NHL. One day he will get back to center. But if he can help up from wing now, that's a great step for us. Especially with the players who are out.

T: You played winger in the NHL, right?

A: started as center in the NHL, but I played all over. Playing center is always easier to move wing. Very hard to move from wing to center.

CallerZORAN: Prospal has been impressive. Showed a great one timer slap shot. Mason seems more confident lately. Did the days off help Mason?

A: Prospal is a treat to have here. What a great signing. Both on ice and dressing room. His work ethic is contagious. That slap shot is all experience. He's learned from good people.

T: Prospal played center in the past, could he see some C in the future?

A: he's not really a center, that's just where he was. I think Vinny would agree that he doesn't have the foot speed to play center anymore. Going back to Mason, I think the day off did help Mason. Felt bad for York to throw him out in Chicago, but it worked out for Mason. Came back strong with an outstanding performance.

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