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11-02-2011, 06:29 PM
F.A.R.T on Mike Todd
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Segment 2:

Torgerson: Huselius: first time with team today?

Arniel: has been skating for 2 weeks now. Just started handling pucks. Doesn't have great range of motion. Can't do a slapshot. A good sign. He's not a week away or anything, still lots of work to do. Boll will join us in practice tomorrow. Expect him back next week. Carter could rejoin practice next week. Dekanitch is really looking like he's starting to come back. Methot will be in line up tomorrow.

T: Juice: tougher to put him with guys compared to Prospal?

A: Vinny goes to the net, really goes to the corner. Juice wants the puck on the outside and make plays. Wants others to get puck for him. They might actually work out well together.

CallerBOB: Team looked good with strong forecheck. With Juice coming back, will he hard time adapting to the hard forechecking style?

A: I don't want guys when they have time to make a play to dump the puck. As long as he doesn't turn it over, I want them to use their skill. It's about percentages. What are your chances of making a play? If Juice has to dump it, he's not going to run them over like Dorsett or Boll, but I need him to get in there. You can steal pucks. The biggest thing we tell our first guy in to do is disrupt them from getting an easy breakout. Second guy needs to pounce on that puck.

T: Schedule looking favorable for injured players coming back.

A: Yes, lots of practice time for guys coming back to get ready. Will be good for them to get timing back and get back into the game. Will have some fresh bodies out there.

TwitterCHRIS: how long will it take Carter to synch with guys once hes back in the line up?

A: Not very long. Saw that in training camp with first injury. He's got good enough hands to make up for any slow speed he might have with the foot. Hasn't been on his skates yet, hoping Monday is the day.

T: How do you handle foot injuries?

A: Just see if he can get out there and protect the foot when he's able to. Worst pain is when you take the skate off and everything swells and expands.

CallerKEN: Looking at the good games, Wis has been huge. John Moore hitting his stride. More speed on blueline helping Mason?

A: Without a doubt. When Mason sees those guys in front of him, it helps his confidence. Wiz knows how to do the right thing. Wiz and Tyutin really starting to get to know each other. Methot coming back will help ease minutes for Wiz and Tyutin. Martinek still a ways away. Still having headaches. The young guys are playing a lot more minutes than they ever had. Very excited about Moore. Was most minutes in NHL hes ever played. Wanted his fast feed out there agains Selanne and Kovu.

A: Moore seems like a nice kid. Seems like the guy who takes direction really well.

T: He's one of those guys who needs to be told to pull back, to relax. Did everything he could in offseason to make team. The guys really like him, and he's one of the types that will go through a wall for you.

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