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11-02-2011, 06:43 PM
F.A.R.T on Mike Todd
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Segment 3:

Torgerson: Fun for Moore to return to Chicago?

Arniel: Yes, he grew up a Hawks fan. Had to get a lot of tickets for friends and family.

T: Wiz: 30 minutes on the ice. How are you going to handle him with practices going forward with all this ice time?

A: He's in great shape. It does't effect him. He has same energy first shift to last shift. We'll have optional practices. Only on some days will I keep guys off the ice for big minute players.

T: Last game DMac saw first line minutes.

A: We did it last year a few times. Brings energy. Because of his speed, he's able to really attack. Rick likes playing with North-South skaters like DMac. It's worked and we'll stick with it as long as it does.

T: Brassard: hasn't reached potential yet. Has it hit with him yet, where he has to start showing his potential?

A: Has shown great signs. Also shown that he's stepped back in some spots. Players have to make the choice: what is going to keep them in the league. We've talked about how he has to play to do that. Injuries haven't helped him. Just needs to find a way to stay consistent with and without puck. That will go a long way in helping his game.

T: What was your best Halloween costume. What about your kids?

A: Wife dressed our kid as a pea pod. I wasn't keen on it. I wanted him to have a more macho outfit. Myself, I went as a punk rocker with my hair in a big spike. That was a good one. Had the chains and tattoos everywhere. Some others can't be told on the air.

CallerSCOTT: What was the tipping point with Johansen?

A: At the beginning of the year, we all sat down. Wanted everybodies opinion on him. Needed to know what was best thing for Johansen's career. The turning point was the Ottawa game. In all honesty, prior to that game he was not going to stay in my opinion. Seemed overwhelmed at center. Didn't see any offense. Was trying so hard not to get scored on that he didn't do anything with the puck. Really exposed him. He realy turned his game around after that game. Has been a lot better on wing. Doesn't have to do so much. Starting to see the skill. We're not sure where were going to be down the road. Can still go back down to junior hockey, but knowing Ryan I think he's going to just get better.

T: RyJo known as a slow starter in junior. the penalty kill: why no Rick Nash? Starting to get him more involved lately.

A: We don't want Nash on the start of the PK. Will use him for last 30-40 seconds of PK. This is to keep his minutes down. Already plays a lot of minutes with a little PK. Players are scared of Nash on the PK because he's such a threat to score shorthanded goal. Always like Rick on the PK, but if you look at the stats he's playing more PK than you probably think.

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