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11-02-2011, 07:46 PM
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Ha! If you ask me it's about time. I've always thought that the media was given too much access to the team. In this case, the interview was harmless...But a standard needs to be set.

What's funny is that many years ago, on this very message board, I posted a topic suggesting that they do something like this, and several posters here said my idea was akin to Nazi Germany and facism. Glad to see that for the most part, people here have changed their tune.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
He doesn't have to let the media do anything. The media shares part of the blame for the mediocrity this franchise has had to endure for almost 2 decades now. If the management feels that shutting a few idiots out is the way to go, I'm willing to give it some time to see the results.
Well said.

Originally Posted by La Grosse Tendresse View Post
But it's not Trembaly who is being shut out, it's François Gagnon.

If it wasn't for the media talking about the Habs 24/7, the Habs would never be as successful financially. You can blame them for mediocrity on the ice, but they are also responsable for the financial success the team has become for Gillett and now Molson.

You can't take all the free advertising and the interest in your product that it brings and then just stop doing business with the journalists.
I disagree. The market is saturated, and that Habs will be a success financial with or without the media constantly reporting on them. If anything, the media should be grateful that this organization exists, because without the Habs, the vast majority of these guys would not have jobs. The Habs are basically the only sports related topic that sells any newspapers in this market, and these people wouldn't exist if they weren't around. In terms of french language media particularly, there is nothing else out there in the sports world that would require so many journalists.

Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
BAM!! That's a loaded statement! If you blame the media for overlaying language politics onto a hockey team, then I agree with you -- they've handicapped the Habs with layers of crap no other franchise has to worry about. Idiots.

Unfortunately, those idiots are purveyors of the information we demand, as paying customers of the Montreal Canadiens organization. If journalists are shut out, we're shut out.
The Canadiens are a private organization, just like these media outlets. The information relayed by the organization can be as little or as abundent as they want it to be, and we as "paying customers" have little to say about it. You can complain, but the only thing you can really do is stop watching and stop buying tickets.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Arrogance is easier to take when there are results on the ice. Gauthier will regret not playing nice with the media, the infotainment industry is partly about access and media helping you to promote your brand. He needs to realize this or go into another field.
It's the media that will regret not playing nice with the organization all these years. The media needs the team more than the team needs the media. It isn't Rejean Tremblay that keeps people interested and gets them buying tickets. His job is to sell newspapers and get ratings for the network he works for. The guy doesn't give a **** about the team, so why should they give a **** about him?

Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post

didn't the MNF music guy get canned for making a similar outlandish comparison about Obama?

his employers should can his ass.
They should have a long time ago, but they didn't...Which is why the team has to resort to tactics such as these.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
There's a reason why someone photoshopped his head on Saddam's body all those years ago.
I got so much flack for it too...Funny how it turns out. It was the Iraqi Minister of Information, but the point still stands.

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