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11-02-2011, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
I doubt AEG gets involved unless there is real estate involved to be developed. Not sure how much development they could do in Chavez Ravine...
There is a ton of real estate involved. The stadium is also part of transaction. And we all know AEG loves it's stadiums.

There a ******** of land.
There was fear early on that McCourt would sell part of the stadium land to developers. Housing tract developers, not strip mall developers.
McCourt also once talked about building an NFL stadium there. There are 352 acres.

AEG could go big here. Even by their standards.

And The Dodgers print money. They are consistently top five in attendance. A huge TV deal is coming up and considering how many other sports teams AEG owns or owns part of , you could see a MEGA deal with FOX or AEG could launch it's own regional sports channel or shop the rights to Time Warner like the Lakers just did.

you are thinking too small Quattro Cinco Seis Seite Ocho Nueve Diez DeSanta Ana.

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