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11-02-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Anyone know how creatine works exactly? I've asked these questions before. I'm looking for something that helps me increase my gains at the gym, but I don't want the creatine muscles where I'm just filled with water weight.

If I take creatine for cycles, I'd imagine I'd still build loads more muscle than I would normally, but does muscle mass decrease when I quit taking it?

I've never ever been a supplement guy. I've always been all natural. It has been way harder to put on lean muscle than it has in the past for me though, for some reason.

I just don't want to be walking around like one of those jacked up doofuses who can't put their arms down to their sides. I figured it I was on and off things like creatine, I'd be able to create the muscle gains without gaining the water weight.
As a Doctor of BroScientology (D.BrSc.), I can safely say that creatine will not turn you into a jacked juice head. Only illegal drugs can do that.

Creatine, from my extensive knowledge in Bro Science, will cause you to gain weight and have a small extra burst of energy/strength when lifting weights. Long term, the muscle gains achieved through many lifting sessions do not simply vanish when the water weight is lost and creatine supplementation is ended. Your gains are your gains. If you get an extra 2 reps due to creatine supplementation, that's two more reps worth of muscle tears.

I'd recommend a steady 90-day trial of 5-10g/day creatine monohydrate supplementation. It's cheap and mildly effective.

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