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11-02-2011, 11:33 PM
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If anyone thinks that the sports media in this city is not much more than tabloid journalism, then please review the last big things you remember coming out that were let's say, not helpful. There are too many to list, actually.

The Habs are so important that the organization can do with the tradeoff of taking the "risk" (= 0) that the loss of coverage will cause the Habs to drop in popularity to ice fishing while the team can actually have a better chance at winning (another way of generating interest).

I'm ALL for the journalists being held on a leash. We have a good locker room and a good portion of misinformed fans of the Fox->republican->believe anything mould that for those of us who enjoy facts and the team, and can form our own opinions based on the OBVIOUS things the team can't possibly shut out, it's just better this way.

Gagnon always has to write abotu something. It's his job. He's not the worst, but eventually he'll have to find something. The whole Pearn thing is enough to cause another -gate. Things are going well, now media (specifically the usual suspects), please GTFO and let us enjoy our team. As much as the TO media glorifies the Leafs, parts of our media bring down the Habs all the time. Pisses me off to no end. Like the example above about giving a quote out of context (Martin re: Price). Good job Gauthier. Now let's run up the debt on the US and put toxins in our merchandise, not to mention allow AK, Emelin and Markov do the player introductions.

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