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11-03-2011, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Cortez_the_Killer View Post
most CAPS fans pretty much consider this to be a non-issue apart from the fact that Ovi aint playin like Ovi can play.
Agree that it's a non-issue. Not sure that we should continue to have the expectation of "Ovi playing like Ovi can play" if that means the Ovi from 2006 - 2009Ovi's ability to play as a solo artist barreling down the wing ahead of his linemates and produce at the levels he produced at up through through 2008-09 is not likely to happen.

All our opponents' defenses are geared to stop that via a combo of Ds not giving him the center of the ice, not letting him shoot through their legs, and intense back pressure from the forwards. Combine that with the mysterious propensity for whiffing which started popping up last year, and more shots that miss the net, and it's all a recipe for lower production.

He has to evolve his game, find a way to use his on-ice strengths inter-dependently w/his linemates, instead of independently. He spent a lot of last year trying to do that -- but there are still times when he clearly reverts to I-gotta-do-it-all-myself mode. Tuesday night was one of those times -- let's hope he doesn't respond Friday by being even more determined to do it all himself.

In the meantime, the good news is that even as our opponents defenses continue to make stopping the solo artiste Ovi their No. 1 priority, the team is finding different players and different ways to put the puck into the net. So while a strength (solo Ovi) has been checkmated, team weaknesses (non-solo artist production from anyone other than Ovi and Semin) have evolved into strengths.

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