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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Minor injuries are not a big deal, hence the word minor. A lot of minor injuries could be prevented by adding a lot of equipment that wouldn't really affect the way the game is played or the way players function. But like I keep saying, if the players are for it then I don't care. I just don't understand why people who are not actually out there playing care about the dangers more than the people who are in fact playing.
An injury is an injury. If a shield or cage can prevent any injury/loss of games played then it has done its job. And, we're not talking about "adding a lot of equipment", we are talking about one piece of equipment that protects a player's head.

As of your last statement, let's say Pronger's injury didn't happen until the last week of the regular season and he was lost for the playoffs. Do you still not care that such an injury could have been prevented by a simple piece of equipment? From a fan's standpoint the outcry for wearing a shield really isn't about the player's wellbeing, but the selfish reason that they don't want the players on the team that they support get hurt.

As I have posted before, players wore full cages all through mites and high school, why is it that at the highest level where there is the most potential for injury that players take them off? Since today's kids are wearing full cages, why not have a policy of players born before a certain year (current high school kids for example) must wear full cages? is offline   Reply With Quote