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11-03-2011, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by OthmarAmmann View Post
It's not exaggeration. There's a very good likelihood that the windchill could be below -22F when they visit and a material likelihood it could be below -40F. It wouldn't be responsible in my opinion to not warn a visitor that they should be prepared for that kind of weather. It's not like it's a freak occurrence. If you're going to spend 15 to 20 minutes or more outside in that weather and you're not acclimated to it, you need to have more than a wool coat and ear muffs. I'm not saying there isn't stuff to do and enjoy outdoors, but a visitor should at least understand how they'll need to prepare.

I actually think Manitoba should really market itself as a winter tourism destination to parts of the world that don't have much of an extreme winter. It could certainly find a niche as an ecotourism/adventure tourism destination.
My whole point was Winnipeggers like to brag about the cold like the cold here is not expereinced anywhere else on Earth when it's simply not true. I constantly hear people dimissing -20 as not beign cold cause Winnipeg its -40 all the time. Now thats cold. Like who cares if it gets to -40, -20 is still cold. And the actual temperature rarely gets to -40. The record cold in January is -42C.

So with the windchill the low will dip below -30C about 50% of the days in January. It'll dip below -30C on 25% of the days in Montreal. Other winter cities in Canada can get just as cold it just doesn't happen as frequent. Obviously he needs to wear proper winter clothing but my point was that if he's prepared for the cold that can be expereinced in any winter city he's pretty much prepared for Winnipeg.

To make it sound like the norm is -40 when you walk around in the day in the winter in Winnipeg is simply not true. Comments like don't worry about conversions cause -40 is the same in both C and F is misleading.

I go for walks downtown Winnipeg in the winter all the time. There are only a handful of days any winter where I find it too cold to want to go for a walk. Obviously I wear a proper coat and a touque if needed but its more than bearable for the vast majority of days.

And don't get me started on the "feels like -30C" crap. I've lived in Winnipeg essentially my whole life. They used to present windchill properly as a number. Standing outside in -30C with no wind doesn't feel the same as standing outside in -15 weather with windchill to make it "feel like -30". Its just different.

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