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Originally Posted by iamjs View Post
The ST that I had was a 100 and it felt every bit as strong as your typical 100, if not closer to a 110. I wasn't a fan so I got rid of it.
I picked up an 85 ST iginla for $100, and I cut it down to about a 51" which is about a 90flex...

Its definately not as light as totalOne or X60, BUT it doesn't feel much heavier in use, and I actualty like the load of the shot better than my friend's S19...

This was a genIII stick, but the ST has a really solid feel, that makes me much more confidant with pass recieving than my RM19, or S11

From a shot perspective, it loads nicely and the kick point "feels" less noticable than the S19 though the results are very favorable and easy to aim for height.... Does it feel like a 90 stick since I've cut it?... maybe?

From a stick handling perspective, though maybe grams heavier, it feels good though is blade heavy. Doesn't matter to me, I can feel the puck and the blade acctualty reminds me more of a wood stick... though the X60 has a touch better feel.

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