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11-03-2011, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
If I recall correctly, of the four major pro sports, hockey has the fewest rules. Football has by far the most rules, and is easily the most complicated of the pro sports.
Trying to convince people that hockey is simpler than they think is like trying to convince someone to learn a new language. It's like saying "Spanish is much easier to learn than English! English is the toughest to learn" but they already know & understand english so it's a moot point to them. haha

As for the topic at hand, Hockey is my #1 sport but I would be sad to watch the vikings leave.. It just doesnt seem right.. But I would have to agree that hockey (the Wild) would start getting much more attention, Especially if the influx of these young rookies really does make us a Stanley Cup contender in a few years..

I just cant imagine alot of people not jumping on the Wild bandwagon if Wild success starts coming on the heals of a Vikings departure. After 50+ years with no super bowl wins I would think that if the Wild really started showing promise of bringing a cup home many people would start to get on board & embrace this whole "state of hockey" thing we're going for..

just my opinion of coarse = )

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