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11-03-2011, 01:03 PM
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I still had all my gear from when I was younger.. I played Novice-Midget but took a few years off besides the outdoor rinks. I started playing scrub/pickup hockey again last January and slowly started revamping my equipment for lightweight/mobility

I currently use

CCM U+ 06 2011 skates
Reebok 2k shinpads
Warrior Bentley pants
Bauer Supreme classic shoulder pads
Bauer 4500 + ccm 480 cage
Easton s11 gloves

I bought a new pair of Reebok elbows but went back to my old Eastons which are a jr size but I like the snugness and minimalist feel

I have one of those Bauer yellow mesh jocks, Black CCM mesh jersey and black rbk edge socks.. I also wear a UA heatgear longsleeve when I play

Most of my gear is low-mid end but for what I play no-contact pickup hockey it is great and I feel much better then a year ago with my old equipment.. Almost like I am playing at the outdoor rinks without equipment .. I have some gaps in protection(mainly my stomach) but I don't bother getting in the way of shots.. I have had some contact a few times and even got hip checked by a defensive pylon but I am used to contact so it was okay

I also notice a big difference mainly in my pants,gloves, and shoulder pads in how much they absorb sweat while I am playing..My old equipment would get heavier as the game progressed

After I play I throw my gear next to a dehumidifier and it is dry in a few hours

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