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Originally Posted by ToBBa View Post
You may say I say this because I'm Finn and probably that's true but right now I can't see how anyone but Barkov could be the first pick.

He's playing with MEN already. He has already been the best player of his team. He is better in FEL than Granlund was in beginning of his FEL-career, already (Granlund was over one and half years older than Barkov now.). He already is more versatile than Granlund then, maybe more versatile than Granlund now. He already has the size that Granlund will never have. Barkov is the most promising prospect Finland has ever had. IMO the only thing that could make him the not-the-first-pick (excluding injuries) is that he's Finn and there has been too many promising Finns, who never reached NHL.

I don't say he's the first pick, but right now he is imo the strongest candidate.

And sorry for bringing that Granlund-comparison out
He is incredible, but to say that you can't see anyone being better than him right now, you have to know what the other players are like. MacKinnon, Monahan, Jones are phenomenal prospects, and I doubt you've seen enough of them, atleast I haven't

It is incredible that he's doing so well as a 16 year old in the FEL, but thats not against MacKinnon and co that they are "only" playing against juniors.

Mainly I agree with you though

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