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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
My whole point was Winnipeggers like to brag about the cold like the cold here is not expereinced anywhere else on Earth when it's simply not true. I constantly hear people dimissing -20 as not beign cold cause Winnipeg its -40 all the time. Now thats cold. Like who cares if it gets to -40, -20 is still cold. And the actual temperature rarely gets to -40. The record cold in January is -42C.

-20 really isn't that cold. I mean it's cold, but not unbearable. Once you get to -25 and colder, it's hard to stay outside for a long time, not to mention the wind.

ANd you say you go for walks all the time.... well ya... we're used to it.

Anyways, I don't even know what the point of your thread was besides to say maybe it's not colder here than anywhere else? ANd you like to walk in the cold?

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