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11-03-2011, 05:09 PM
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just watched the 3rd period again. it's always interesting to me to watch a game a few days later. there always things which jump out at me as not fitting into the story which most of us took away from the game.

for one thing, though MoJo did play a good game, he was undeniably sitting right behind Perry watching him take 2,3, 4 whacks at puck till it finally went in, for the 4th goal. i know we were already shorthanded, but there should have been a hard cross check to small of Perry's back as soon as he set up to start whacking away.

john erskine made several nice plays in third period, including stretching out on ice to break up good scoring chance for Ducks.

ovie really did not have such a bad 3rd period anyway. if you watch each shift and each time he touched puck, he made nice passes to both Semin and Backstrom breaking up the middle of the ice. he made a smart dump-in and line change, keeping his shift short and recognizing he was 1-on-2 at blue line. he also played a good final shift, following 19's direction and crossing over, and then heading straight to the net on the second part of that play.

yes, he did not have the dynamic energy and results of the 21/42/25 line, but he really was not awful either. he made a crappy play on the late power play, trying to carry the puck deep himself and getting pick-pocketed and causing a clearing of zone for Ducks PK, but for the 3rd period anyway, that was the only real screw-up i saw. (yes, i know he faulted himself for a ducks goal earlier, but i think that was 2nd period.)

the other thing i noticed is, at the key moment, when he called BB a FF, and when BB sent others onto the ice, the people he sent onto the ice were NOT 21/42/25. they were 26/22/90(?), and then there were a couple more whistles before goalie got pulled and 19 was added along w/ 42/21/25 for final push.

and keith jones, as awkward as he was in the post-game interviews, was right on the money about the Ovie situation as it unfolded. he said it was "THE story" of the end of the game, and he immediately credited BB with sending a 'great message' to the team that great play would be rewarded. he also specified that these were the right people to send out for "THIS game," even if they were not generally the ones who would get final shift.

he also immediately shot down any ideas that Ovie was sitting due to injury by pointing out that no, Ovie was hanging over the edge of the bench ready to jump on the ice, but was simply not sent out.

in sum, Ovie didn't do anything special that game, but he wasn't abysmal either.

Carlson was excellent throughout the period, activating at the right times, coming close twice to scoring himself toward end of game. and then taking the shot from near point which caused rebound to 19.

final note on 8: one thing i notice this year is, there seems to be less hitting from him. maybe if he went back to a slightly more physical, reckless style, that would pump him up and increase his energy. he was better v. ducks about trying to hurry to the point man while in D zone and get right in the D man's shooting lane. but he still tends to cruise past scrums along the boards and make a single one-handed stab at puck to try to poke it free. it never works and then he skates right out of the play again. i do wish he would skate right into the scrum and hammer away with the others instead of cruising past in one-hand mode.

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