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11-03-2011, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new cars. Max $20K, fun to drive, reliable and with a good resale value. The rest is not really important. What are my best options?

Veloster? Forte Koup? Civic coupe (not Si)? Fiat 500?

Really I have no idea...
I m a bit in the same dilemma,
My opinion, a Civic or a Mazda 3, especially the one with the new Skyactiv engine, looks good, fun to drive and get very good mileage If you want a fully equipped one it ll be more than that though.
I like the civic coupe as well, but to me anyways, I really dont like the dashboard as much, the car feels cheaper overall, but dont get me wrong it ll probably be more reliable than any of the other ones.
Those are the ones that ll get the best re sale value.

I loved the Veloster, it s incredibly well equipped, (I mean you get it stock with a touch screen, where you could actually go on the internet on it, check your stocks back up camera, you could plug a PS3 on it, it comes with all the steering wheel controls, etc. all that in the base model)
But that s the thing, all those sexy things wont make it a good car that s not gonna start falling apart after 100 does have a 5 yr warranty though.
A bit like the new Jetta, it s cheap and looks good, but when you start looking more into it, well you get an engine form the last century, not efficient, nor fast (base models), rear drum brakes, no independant suspension in the back, you dont even get an armrest in the base model ffs
The 500 and mini are way too expensive and too small for what it is imo.

The cheapest one is the Civic, I mean you could get a base 4 dr Civic for 200 tax in it s definitely the smartest choice but definitely not the sexiest one though,
Depends what you re looking for.
To me it s either a Civic or a lil more expensive Mazda 3, or an Impreza if you need the awd, the new 2012 gets awesome mpg with awd but again the Subaru might not be the sexiest choice, but they re very good cars as well, head and shoulders in front of the Hyundai s imo.
It really depends on what you need and what you re willing to spend.

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