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11-03-2011, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by static80 View Post
Wait, so let me get this straight....

The individuals that posted attempt to think they know hockey knowledge and try to pass off some sarcastic remarks to my original post on trading Miller.

Let me see if I got this right,
we should not trade Miller because he's won something so far at the professional level

we should not try another goalie in clutch games because Miller has won all of these Stanley Cups with us......(oh wait, he couldn't even win a series closing game or continuation game in the past 2 years)

I guess it's common knowledge that Miller brought us to the 2 ECF runs, forget Briere and Drury (awfully funny how those runs dissappeared when they did, but hey, what do I know, all you "smart" hockey folks know better), ya ok, almost sold me on him here.......

then there is the Gold Medal game, please, don't get me started on the.....but, but, but it was Crosby, he just couldn't pull it out...........(News flash, winners win, see Tim Thomas for further instructions)

To simply write off any conversation or opinions on trading Miller just because some "feel" Enroth isn't ready doesn't make it correct, just as my opinion that this season or coming off season may be the time to move him isn't as well.

It's opinion, get over yourselves people. I cannot believe how many kool-aid drinkers there actually are. Miller's numbers are average, save 1 season. He is a mere average netminder. Enroth can do no worse, and that means no Stanley Cups.
So many strawmen and invocations of emotion (the Gold Medal Game!), so many tired arguments. I can't believe you're trying to argue that there's no way Enroth could do any worse than Miller--your actual words. Sure there is. He could be a putrid starter, incapable of carrying the full-time load. He never dominated at the AHL level, but now he's going to at the NHL? Based on what exactly? People are attempting to project Enroth's greatness based on two good starts down the stretch last year, and two protected starts this season. There's a serious sample size problem here.

As to your argument that we should pawn off Miller for a "stud center," I'm still waiting to hear who this mythical center is. That's the thing: people love making this argument in the theoretical, then, when asked to provide a practical example, they can't. We don't need to trade Miller to acquire a #1 center, anyways, as has been shown many times. We can reallocate money from the wing, where we have far too much money invested. I find this Miller-for-Stud Center talk to be little more than a pretext for people wanting Miller off the team for their own personal reasons.

Were the several other threads re: Enroth not worth posting this stuff in? You had to dig up this one?

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