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11-03-2011, 09:49 PM
The Tikkanen
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After playing hockey for 18 years I've seen many of these guys come and go. I've come to 3 conclusions:1. They lack heart. They're playing below their skill level because they only play to score goals. They could care less about winning, their teammates and their worth in the sport is solely tied to scoring goals. After the game is over, if their team lost, they will look to the score sheet, see 2 or 3 goals and be happy as a clam. 2. These guys are usually horrible passers. Cover them before they get the puck and they'll be lost. When they do get the puck always look shot first, usually high and wide cause it's not cool to go 5 hole but picking a water bottle once every 5 games gets them pumped. 3. Shadow them and they'll leave the league. These guys have only 1 value to their team:scoring goals. If you remove that from their stat line they are worthless hockey players. They're fundamentally flawed in areas that are important, thus the reason why they failed at higher levels and "wanted to play with their friends". If you remind them that they weren't good enough in the higher levels they crumple mentally.

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