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11-03-2011, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Sthabs View Post
few pointers...
The type of bulbs that you need depends on the type of bulbs that you currently have in your car, so if your bulbs are the 9006 type, get some 9006 HIDs, to find that out, you could google it, or go to a carparts website and pretend you order some regular bulbs there and you ll know what type you have in your car. Or in a lot of cases, it ll be written on your headlamps.(get the low beams ) There are a few exeptions but i s pretty rare.
For the color, you ll probably want some 6000k , more than that and it ll be too blue less than that and it s usually too yellowish.
One important thing to know though is that HIDs bulbs were not meant to go in a regular halogen headlamps, they re supposed to go in those projector headlamps (the ones that look like they have a bulb in there) but most people still do it, the main drawback is that if they re not adjusted properly (if they re pointed too high) you could blind the oncoming traffic. (That s why it looks good on say a Lexus, and looks cheap on say a 93 tercel...) So either adjust them or get some projectors headlamps, an easy thing if you drive a civic or a car that has a lot of aftermarket parts for it. Some retrofit them but it s more complicated.
If you drive a BM or a Benz or one of those more expensive cars, that s usually when it gets tricky because you could get some error code, check engine light or what not and then you need an other part, or reset your ECU, etc, not recommended unless done by the dealer or somewhere reputable.
As far as the ballast goes (the box) I d definitely advise you to get a digital one (they re usually slimmer) but a lot more reliable and really not that much more expensive.
And as to where to get them, well I guess Ebay or any aftermarket car parts store here in Mtl, just shop around and don't pay too expensive for them cause no matter what they tell you, it s usually all the same thing in there. (I ve seen a VW dealer here in Mtl sell a kit for 300$ that was exactly the same one as those Ebay ones for 40$...)
The only time that it s actually worth it to spend more is if you could get your hands on a Philips kit, or one that uses Philips bulbs but they re rare and there s a lot of fake ones.
The best thing though is to get them here with a warranty for peace of mind.
To install them, it s very easy for someone that knows what they re doing, or know a thing or 2 in electricity because most of the problems with them comes from a bad installation.
Anyways, hope that helps
It does, but should I start at Phillips for my car and see if I can get a good price on it?

I'm in no hurry. I've never seen 8000k ones but I do want a slight blue tint like luxury cars have. I don't want it plain but not loserish either. Subtle but nice you know? 6000 or 8000

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