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10-29-2003, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by barnaby63
i know it is useless to argue on these boards cause of the stigmas and mindsets here, but why trade poti? all off-season i said give him this year to prove himself. most of your complaints were about not hitting enough and playing the body instead of the poke-check, well guess what? he is playing a physical game this year(not scott stevens physical but hitting nonetheless) and he even led the team in hits last night. and trading him for gauthier helps this team how? the guy is a injury-prone defenseman that has no offensive upside. poti is showing he can adapt his game while still having the tools on offense. poti for bryan allen? wow that one blows.

here is my deal:
to washington:
darius kasparaitis and anson carter

to new york:
jaromir jagr,mike grier,nolan yonkman and 2004 1st round draft pick
Yeah, Jagr really would improve the team. I think another diva like him in the line-up would kill the rest of the team-spirit...

Poti: Fine, finally he uses his body. But that's not the point. Don't know how the others think about that, but by saying "a hard hitting d-man" I mean someone who can clear his own end, who plays a solid defensive game. Poti still can't play defence! Doesn't matter if he's hitting or not.

My trade was for Gauthier AND Warrener. I think those both can help us more than a single Poti.
Allen for Poti sounds like a rip of, but think about it. What do we have in our farm other than Tjutin? I can't see anyone who I'd play on a 1st d-pairing. Yes, Allen has to improve, and I know you don't but I see it that way that Poti's more hurting than helping the team. From this pow it's not a bad trade.

Originally Posted by brettski011
Another trade i'd try to swing would be for Comrie and Jason Smith...
Smith would be great! But again, the Oilers won't trade him - they've one one to replace him.

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