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11-04-2011, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
The thing is, you allow two places that already offer gambling slot machines and bam, there's your money. No taxpayers lose a dime. Build a Block E venue and there's significantly more money to put into the state as well. But again, the tribes have the money and therefore the backing to make sure that never happens. So they'll have to try to make something work with E-Pull Tabs ( ) and some sort of tax.

I just can't see it.
I will never step foot in another casino if the Vikings move over this. Build a casino in Block E. Maybe one of the tribes can redirect lobbying funds towards a competitive bid on a premium downtown casino.

The argument against the expansion of gambling isn't completely insignificant, but people who gamble are going to gamble and it's time the state gets a cut. I think an MOA site would be the ideal location to maximize the percentage of out-of-state coin. But whatever, LRT access from the airport, get some people downtown, sounds good to me. You're not exactly ruining the fabric of the community in this part of downtown.

Keep it classy, appeal to the right demographic, don't cut corners, get a share to education and infrastructure. I will not forget the name of any politician who gets this done.

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