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11-04-2011, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by clefty View Post
You say San Jose upped their game - which they did - but we didn't, and that's my problem. With the lead on the scoreboard in control of our own destiny, we didn't even have to match them in that third really, just put up some kind of response.

I generally find our third period play to be pretty poor. We've lost twice relinquishing late leads so far this season, and made another one far more difficult that it should have been in Calgary, where we managed to flatter ourselves on the scoresheet a little with an empty net goal.

And to compound the frustration, as I was saying before, it only ever seems to happen to us and never for us these days. Good teams are going to play good hockey against you, that's not a surprise. But as a good team ourselves, I like to think we can be better, much better, at sealing the deal in these kind of games.
San Jose has a fair claim for having the best roster in the league (among others, us included). They had pretty much everyone available.

We were without Sid, Staal, Kennedy, Michalek and played with 5 D-men since early in the second period.

I don't think it is reasonable to be upset about anything after this one or treat the blown lead as a if it was a collapse. We didn't surrender the initiative in this one. San Jose took it, and that's because even if our first line outplayed there's big time, we didn't have the horses to deal with their depth. Put Staal on this team and we don't get bullied by the Marleau, Clowe, Havlat line the way we did almost all the time they were out there in the second half of the game.
Geno's line made Thornton's line look bad all night except for faceoffs.

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