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11-04-2011, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
IMO, it is unfair of that franchise to ask Doan to re-sign with them at this point in his career given the uncertain status of their ownership and location. He has been everything they could have hoped for in terms of a face for the franchise, but how about giving the guy a shot to end his career with a championship?

No offense to you as a Coyotes fan or to that franchise, who I think have done a tremendous job given the circumstances, but I don't think the Coyotes are a Stanley Cup contending team, nor will be in the next 2-3 seasons. They are an above average and competitive team, and they have a lot of bright spots, but they don't have enough. I don't think Doan is going to get a ring in Phoenix.

I say, if he's down, then they should be, too.

On an unrelated and hypothetical note, how much would we all be willing to add to Dubinsky to acquire Bobby Ryan? I like Dubi and all, but man, that would do so much for this team. It ain't happening, but I'd like to gauge the response anyway.
Ryan would be tremendous on this team. I'd love to go for a legit power forward or someone like Ryan. I'd have no problem throwing in a 1st and one of our top prospects (even one of the "untouchable 3" of Kreider, Miller, or McIlrath). Still doubt that would be enough though. Dubinksy+Anisimov+1st+ Kreider/Miller/McIlrath? Steep but may be worth it. Honestly hate losing Kreider/Miller/McIlrath more than either AA or Dubi.

Slightly off topic here...but I think Dubinsky has reached his ceiling or is very close to it. Streaky scorer that is solid in all situations. This year (albeit it's still early) and last I waited for a bit of a breakout and I've really seen nothing different. Not complaining at all, but he's by no means invaluable and that's probably a large part of the reason he's been mentioned in so many proposals on here. I've loved him and wouldn't mind at all if he stayed, but I think this year may be a good time to move him, especially if he could be a main part of a package deal to bring in a guy like Bobby Ryan.

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