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11-04-2011, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by MTK View Post
so your telling me the soft shots he couldn't hold and flopped all over the ice to try to hold onto is OK.

Do you think DP should be the starting goalie? I think we have 2 other goalies that have proven to be better at this point in the season. He is not the reason we lost, we lost because we couldn't score but he is a liability.
yes, i saw those shots and they were terrible plays by DP...very lucky they didnt go for goals....however, please dont tell me that you didnt see montoya make those same exact plays a few times--particularly in the first few minutes of his starts....i remember a few examples of him doing almost the same thing

i am not a DP advocate or a DP hater....i want what is best for the team...however I am intrigued by his play thus far this season as this is by far the best he has looked in years...a DP that can post a .910 save percentage throughout the year for the next 5 years (obviously far from a sure thing) makes this team better--therefore I dont mind seeing him get a few starts as long as he doesnt hurt the team, which he hasnt up to this point

for what its worth:

1. Nabokov
2/3--DP/Montoya (any given night they are comparable IMO)

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