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11-04-2011, 10:12 AM
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AGREE glad someone else brought this up. I watch all the games from my bedroom and Ive watched a bit of hockey all round the league and the Islanders is the only team I can think of that seems to be outnumbered in their own building. The building isn't too old for Rangers fans to turn up and make their own.

I went straight from watching the Stanley Cup with the dedicated and raucous crowds there (Vancouver is intense). Straight to the half empty Coliseum lol, sadly I am use to there being 0 atmosphere and crowd involvement now though. I do occasionally hear chants and the crowd come to life in one of those rare games we score.

At some point the team actually is required to give something back to the crowd as well, to make them want to show up (opening night was the prime opportunity for this) especially against ****ing Florida for godsakes yee Islanders blow every chance they get.

I dont follow the stadium debate anymore but if the team moved to a more populous area and combined that with not being the worst team in the league then things would improve dramatically I think. Not even Blackhawk fans turn up when the team cant deliver.

I really think winning fixes the situation.

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