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11-04-2011, 10:39 AM
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Flyers fan since 1972 and a HUGE Kings fan since June 23, when Richards came over. Having seen both Murray and Stevens during their reigns as coach in Philly, I preferred Stevens. Murray is a good hockey guy, in that he has great knowledge of the game but his forte is defense. He is not a motivator, which I found very irritating during his Flyers years, esp when they choked in 1997 in the finals.
Stevens is similiar but more flexible in that he was able to see offensive situations and what should be done. His players seem to play hard for him and he was able to take a very young group deep. He did well by the Flyers teams until fall of 2009 when the Flyers went into a slump and he lacked the discipline needed to corral a group of about 8 young players who at times that fall had their priorities wrong.
Flyers brought in Lavvy who is a fired up tempermental guy but the team didn't fare well under him either, struggled all year and barely made the playoffs.

TM isn't the right coach for this team in that he cannot see that you need to create a system around the talents of the players you have. His system is lost in the 90's. The rest of the league is changing and growing, as is the talent. With the right coach and system, this team would score and thrive. TM does not ,motivate, never has and never will.

I'm not sure who is available, but off the top of my head, another former Flyers coach who I always liked and is out there is Ken Hitchcock. Good motivator, Very good x' and o's guy, and was able to get the most out of his players, even to recognizing who played well and who didn't . You didn't hustle and play hard for him you sat, didn't matter who you were.

I hope DL can see that a change is needed, because the sooner you do that, esp if a new coach brings in a new system, the better the team will be as an adjustment period will take place

How can DL be satisfied with the total lack of offense? Kopi and Richards are two outstanding two way centers and given the right wingers and system, would lead this team. Brown and Richards are not compatble as linemates, you can force that, it has to come on it's own. Because of that the second line is struggling.

I hope that DL doesn't wait on this...he has to see that his coach has lost this team , he can't motivate the group he has and blend in young, fresh legs from Manchster. His decisions are questionable.

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