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11-04-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by IwayMike View Post
I was at last night’s game against the Jets and from before the drop of the puck and the two guys sitting next to me were yelling “DP sucks”. After the first goal by the Jets the crowd would do a derisive cheer every time Ricky touched the puck. As the game went on there was more and more booing of the team. After the Jets second goal, some miscreant starts a “we suck” chant and is joined by several other jerks in his area. I will point out that someone else in the crowd started chanting “go home” to the “we suck” chanters.
Having been to four home games with only one of the games a win against the Rangers, I am as frustrated as anyone with the play of the team so far. I still do not understand why any fan would yell something like “we suck” or boo. Although we lost, there was a fair amount of positives. At one point we outshot the Jets 31 to 16 and had a fair amount of control of the play. In general, it seems the fans at the game put more energy in being negative than they do cheering the team. Frustrated or not, some of the fans are an embarrassment.

They mustve given away tickets to a bunch of long island trash last night. We had 3 low lifes sitting nearby in 102x, dressed in NY jets gear and one guy in camo and an Islanders hat that would not shut the **** up from the first to last minute of the game. Chanting stuff like "Kansas City!!", "Buy a real team!" and an assortment of **** that made zero sense about the NY Jets (I assume because we were playing Winn Jets) and Ed Mangano. It really made no sense and these ass clowns appeared and sounded like everything you try and tell people our fanbase is not. I can only assume these people won tickets or were given them for free. It looked like they could barely afford the coors lights they spend every minute of the game tieing back.

Wish the trash of the island would just stay away from the building. Last night was rough enough watching not one bounce go our way. And having to hear these low lifes in tandem just took away from any enjoyment of being in attendance at a game last night.

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