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11-04-2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by agentfouser View Post
Awesome name.

And regarding Murray fixing the players playing to the best of their ability, others have said it: Murray's a system-first coach. He's good at getting a lot out of a team that lacks skills, but in doing that he sacrifices creativity. Thus, when you have a team with much more talent, as the Kings have become, they underperform. I don't think Murray is capable of getting the most out of a very skilled team.

The past few years, the Kings have won more than they have lost, but it has always been by the barest of margins. Even when they were playing well and winning pretty consistently, their margins of victory were always one goal or one plus an empty-netter. Murray's emphasis on system requires his team to be virtually flawless in their zone, and for the other team to make mistakes.

Now, when the roster is pretty clearly better, more talented, we're seeing essentially the same thing. Murray has not really adjusted to the improvements in the roster: the Kings still need to be essentially perfect in their own zone, and the other team must make mistakes. The Kings just do not CREATE offense. This is why they have lost the past few games: they haven't been perfect, and the other teams have made fewer mistakes.

It's of course possible to argue that this makes perfect sense, the team that makes fewer mistakes SHOULD win. But at what point does the increasing talent of this team start to change or overcome this? I don't think it happens under Murray.
i agree with ur post. there seems to be no adaptation to the skill on the team. You can't just keep riding the same workhorse while changing the cast.

i don't like firing coaches on a whim. But this is not a blip but a pattern. I am starting to think TM will never get his offense going, it's been years and nothing. He now has a legit offensive force on his team and still nothing. It's really like you said, the team ends up playing not to lose.

If I were DL, I'd shorten the leash. Give him a deadline, either he fixes the system or he gets a new offensive coach. Either way, if he fails to rev the system, then axe him.

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