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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
You guys can scream about replacing TM but this is the team that DL assembled and they are just not that good.

5 years into DL's regime and what has he done? Kopitar, Quick, and Brown were all from the DT days.

He added Doughty but that was a no-brainer (although the $7mm contract may turn out to be a real disaster).

Johnson may turn into the all-star defenseman that everyone believes but so far Gleason is the better of the two.

Williams, Gagne, Stoll? who cares?

The two blockbuster acquisitions - Penner and Richards? Two goals this year COMBINED.

The bottom six...arguably the worst in the league.

Worst of all, there is no depth in the system. No one at Manchester is ready except for Voynov and maybe Loktionov. And Loktionov doesn't have a position thanks to the Richards trade.

Call me negative but don't cover your eyes to the facts. DL has not delivered. Period.
You are simply on crack if you think Gleason is the better of the two between him and Johnson, that's just wow...really?

As far as Doughty being a no-brainer, that's been debunked so many times by so many people, and you still bring that up??

5 years into DL's regime and he has completely changed the culture, revamped and retooled the scouting department, to where they can make picks like Voynov in the 2nd round, Clifford, etc,

No depth in the system? Wow, please share some of whatever it is you are on, and let everyone know when the sky stops falling k?

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