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10-30-2003, 02:53 AM
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I think Sterling's got a 1 yr deal.He needs to win.I don't think he's playing favorites,worried about being liked.At 50- something he must realize this will be his best/only chance to headcoach in the nhl.

Sterling and MM have a 25- 30 yr friendship.Last yr MM basically told Peca to shut up and do his job.Are you saying Sterling's kowtowing to Peca, so that Peca doesn't go running to tattle to the gm?

Parrish who the nyi have been shopping on an off the last yr intimidates Sterling?

Chow(8 goals in 9 games), who's been on waivers twice in the last yr and who's furiously playing for his nhl career, intimidates Sterling?

Easy going Kvasha who's off to the best start of his career intimidates Sterling?

btw,Chow leads the team with 8 goals.He's making an effort in both ends of the ice.What kind of message does demoting him for a 19 yr old rookie with 1-2 goals,send to Chow?Play hard and get demoted to a lesser line?

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