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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
You are simply on crack if you think Gleason is the better of the two between him and Johnson, that's just wow...really?

As far as Doughty being a no-brainer, that's been debunked so many times by so many people, and you still bring that up??

5 years into DL's regime and he has completely changed the culture, revamped and retooled the scouting department, to where they can make picks like Voynov in the 2nd round, Clifford, etc,

No depth in the system? Wow, please share some of whatever it is you are on, and let everyone know when the sky stops falling k?
The comparison between Gleason and Johnson is not as one sided as you think. Gleason is definitely the better DEFENSEMAN right now and has been. I'll take his career -6 over Johnson's career -77 ANY DAY.

Not sure what you are even referring to on Doughty.

Lot's of 2nd rounders from the 2008 draft are in the NHL as we speak. Voynov is good but is still not in the NHL as a regular yet. Clifford has been terrible this year. I hope he turns it around.

And what culture has changed? Losing two home games in a row 3-0 in totally uninspired efforts is a culture change? Please, give me the old culture then!!

Finally, the Kings desperately need scoring. Who can provide that in Manchester? MAYBE Loktionov. Other than that, NO ONE. That is the depth you are so proud of?

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